About us


Outdoor Luxury redefined

All Outalux rugs and pillows are designed in house at our studio in Atlanta, taking inspiration from the colors and hues of the natural environment around us.

Through customization of color, shape and size we aim to deliver the perfect unique rug to fulfill  your design requirements and vision. Each rug is individually crafted for you, by skilled artisans, we do not stock. You can select from a wide selection of sizes and color options, or you can  completely customize yourself. We pride ourselves on the successful execution of complex projects.

We use recycled yarns, and our rugs are ethically sourced, with respect for sustainability and every person in the process, from artisan to client. We support the preservation of quality and hand craftsmanship and its synthesis with modern technology to bring beautiful high-performance rugs to market. Seamlessly merging the best of both worlds, we strive to create a customer experience that is intuitive, efficient and effective for all involved.